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Emily Kathleen 

                                                 Artist Statement

       "Producer/Playwright/Director/ Actress/ Singer-Songwriter"

Emily Kathleen is a disabled playwright, performing artist/actress, singer-songwriter, filmmaker, director and producer who uses her work as an artist to bring about awareness on child and domestic abuse and the issues of the disabled community by illustrating her own personal experiences as a survivor of many years of abuse.  Her work is in collaboration with Safe Austin which Emily is also a client of. Many of the films she wrote/produced and directed have appeared in local film festivals in LA, she trained in filmmaking at LACC and made films in LA for 10 years.  L.A. Fashion Magazine featured Emily in an article about her filmmaking work. Her 3 one-act narrative play anthology play’s Emily wrote Voices Matter series: I don’t know, Clusterfuck, Whatever let's zoom it performed at the Santa Cruz Theatre in Austin TX in 2021. Emily’s play “The Stalker” she wrote as a true story of being a survivor of ongoing domestic violence and stalking for 6 years.  Emily’s play “The Stalker” she wrote as a true story of being a survivor of ongoing domestic violence and stalking for 6 years. The first draft of the script she wrote 2 years ago while living in her car to escape her abuser.  It is set to premiere at 2023 SXSW March 8th- The Trinity Theatre in Austin TX. Her work in theatre, music, and film is set to raise awareness against domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, crimes against the disabled community, and stalking through the performing arts to help educate the audience and teach self-advocacy through her performing arts projects. Emily’s album “Voices Matter” is an original story drive acoustic album she wrote that tells her story of overcoming years of child abuse and stalking/domestic violence. She has received airplay on her songs on Koop Radio in Austin TX for her song “Believe me”, and performs her songs on a regular basis at New World Deli in Austin TX.   Emily is the Founder/Producer of Creative Collaborations a sponsored project under Austin Creative Alliance. She has worked with TILT Theatre, Santa Cruz theatre company, and many local theatres in Austin TX as an actress. Emily is a disabled actress and singer. She’s earned four conservatory college degrees: Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts; Pierce College L.A. City College, West L.A. City College. 

Theatre work- Acting


Voice Over


Film -Acting

Music- Singer- Songwriter 

Celebrity Endorsement 

​​"Love all,
Trust a few,
Hate no one!"
-William Shakespeare
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