Emily is the Founder/Producer of Creative Collaborations and has worked with TILT Theatre, Santa Cruz theatre company, and many local theatres in Austin TX as an actress. Emily is a disabled actress and singer. She’s earned four conservatory college degrees: Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts (theatre and music production); Pierce College (music, music business, musical theatre), L.A. City College (film and theatre production, directing, playwriting, screenwriting), West L.A. City College (theatre, film acting). Her song “Believe Me” received airplay, including on Austin’s KOOP Radio and her film work won at L.A. film festivals. L.A. Fashion Magazine featured Emily in an article about her performance and production work and how she’s raising awareness on abuse.

Emily Kathleen 

                                   Artist Statement

Emily Kathleen is a performing artist who uses her work to bring about awareness on child and domestic abuse and the issues of the disabled community by illustrating her own personal experiences. Voices Matter is an example of how I use my artistic platform to show others how they can advocate for themselves in abusive situations as I have had to learn to, in the classroom, in relationships, at home. My work intersects this purpose of addressing social issues with my love for theater (as a playwright, actress, producer and director), film (as a writer, producer, director) and music (as a singer/songwriter).



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​​"Love all,
Trust a few,
Hate no one!"
-William Shakespeare