Upbeat, full of love and energy! Protective of her friends! She is a younger version of "MELISSA MCCARTHY." 




Shy yet outgoing with a quirky sense of humor. Is a total dork! Most likely to me seen on "NICKELODEON."


Knows that she is hot and loves to flaunt what she has got. She will make you breathless and puzzled by her sarcastic spirit at the same time. Most likely to be seen on "THE BIG BANG THEORY." 


Out of the box comedic type. Most likely to be seen on "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE."



Will see her working hard and smiling behind the counter.

Most likely to be seen working

at "TMOBLE" being happy and helpful to all she see's.

GIRL NEXT DOOR- Independent, smart and fall's in love easy. She isn't afraid to tell you if you are wrong. She is your best friend. Most likely to be seen on 






 A bad-ass with a huge temper and mouth to match it. Is tough and strong from a hard past. Likes to give fear the middle finger. Most likely to be seen on "GOSSIP GIRL" making trouble for the preppy people. 



She comes across to be helpful at first. Enjoys to watch you suffer. Will look at you like she wants to suck your blood and eat you. When you look at her its as if she feel's nothing and no one can stop her once her mind is made up. Most likely to be seen on "CRIMINAL MINDS" and "LAW AND ORDER SVU."

Still's From Set


​​"Love all,
Trust a few,
Hate no one!"
-William Shakespeare
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